Xiamen's financial landmark, Magnetic quality creates boutique business space

Located in Siming District, the central city of Xiamen, Haixi Jingu Plaza is the largest and highest-grade large-scale financial complex project in Fujian, China. The project covers a total land area of 64,000 square metres, with a planned gross floor area of 410,000 square metres and a total project investment of RMB 2.5 billion. Haixi Jingu Plaza contains four high-rise and super high-rise Grade A office buildings, as well as shopping malls, restaurants, clubs, fitness and other comprehensive services, and has introduced a number of well-known domestic and international financial institutions such as banks, insurance, securities, futures and guarantees.

The building's exterior is dominated by glass and aluminium alloy, with a modern yet simple look. The building's skyline draws on the changes of the Minnan swallowtail roofline to give the building a more dynamic feel. Magnetic's mWing pedestrian gates, with their slim profile, smooth lines and elegant design, blend perfectly into the architectural style and add a highlight to the building's entrance area.

We provide customized services in response to customer needs. 15 mWing turnstiles for the five entrances to the building. The parallel arrangement of multiple channels allows for fast and efficient control of large numbers of visitors, the precise face recognition system facilitates touch-free intelligent passage. mwing brings visitors a wonderful passage experience with fast, smooth and quiet operation and comprehensive security.


> Client: Xiamen Haixi Golden Valley Plaza

> Installed products: 15 mWing turnstiles

> Installation date: March 2021