The campus goes green

Currently, the school campus east of Schopfheim’s city centre is still a large construction site. But that will change next year. Then the Friedrich Ebert interdenominational school, the Johann Peter Hebel school, the youth centre and the new sports hall will resume regular operations. A first impression of what the new learning and living environment for the children and young people will look like was already given at the inauguration of the new trees on the campus grounds.

Silver willows, weeping cherries, sycamore trees as well as alders, woodpeckers and rock pears were planted, all as large trees with spreading crowns. “The trees are supposed to bring colour and life to the campus,” explains Mayor Dirk Harscher, “but above all they are supposed to provide shade for the students and regulate the microclimate. The next hot summer is already around the corner.”

The greening of the campus is part of a long-term cooperation between the city and Magnetic. Under the title “Pro Nature”, we finance reforestation and planting measures in the city area and thus compensate for CO2 emissions caused by our company. In addition to the school campus, the 2022 budget also made possible the reforestation of a piece of forest on Lindenweg in the Wiechs district. Ash shoot dieback had infested the trees here over a large area and forced the area to be cleared. As a replacement, the staff of the forestry department planted 2050 saplings, including wild service trees, European aspen and winter linden. In a few years, the former monoculture will become a colourful deciduous forest that will close the gap along the popular walking path.

Heiko Lais, Head of Product Development, is proud of this cooperation: “Since 2019, we have jointly planted almost 10000 trees in and around Schopfheim. We are very happy that we have found such an active partner for our climate protection commitment in the city.”