Strengthening the Schopfheim forest together

SCHOPFHEIM. The extreme heat and drought of recent years have left their mark on the forests around Schopfheim. In a unique cooperation, the city of Schopfheim and access control specialist Magnetic are closing the gaps and strengthening the forest for the challenges of climate change.

The Schopfheim forest is under pressure. All trees had to be removed in the Am Entegast district near the dog sports club. They were affected by ash dieback, a contagious fungal disease. The existing firs and spruces also had to be felled in the Im Kreuzboden district in order to contain the further spread of the bark beetle.

Thanks to the financial support of the Magnetic company from Grienmatt in Schopfheim, these two areas could be reforested in the autumn of 2021. For this purpose, 2000 Douglas firs were planted in the Im Kreuzboden district. They are adapted to warm, dry environmental conditions and can also withstand the weather extremes that are expected with climate change. The place of the ash trees at the Entegast is now taken by a varied planting of wild service trees, bird cherries, field maple and other tree species. "The young trees will soon make an important contribution to the city's climate," says Schopfheim's mayor Dirk Harscher happily, "we're also creating a colourful biotope for bees, insects and birds here.”

The cooperation between the city of Schopfheim and Magnetic has been in place since 2019 and is part of the sustainability initiative Magnetic Pro Nature. The cooperation arose from the desire to compensate for CO2emissions from employees' air travel. Due to Corona, the planes remained on the ground, but Magnetic still provides the city with 15,000 euros per year for reforestation and greening measures. In 2019, 1000 Douglas firs were thus planted in the Gersbach district. In 2020, the funds were invested in the spherical maples on Scheffelstraße and in the planting of 2700 Douglas firs, bird cherries and wild service trees.

These areas are regularly checked by the staff of the forestry office. The seedlings have grown well despite the dry summer and are developing well. Only the deciduous trees in the Seehölzle district experienced massive browsing by hares and roe deer in spring 2021. Here the hunting tenants have put up growth covers, and in the meantime the young trees have recovered and outgrown the covers. Magnetic Managing Director Arno Steiner looks back on the past 3 years with pleasure: "We are glad to have such a reliable and competent project partner at our side in the city of Schopfheim. In this way, we can work for the climate locally and globally at the same time.”