Protect vehicles, pedestrians and barrier booms: with the new vertical laser scanner

We at Magnetic achieved a considerable expansion in the range of functions and uses of our barriers when we introduced the horizontal laser scanner. With the vertical laser scanner our customers can now ensure the safe passage of trucks and special vehicles with trailers.

Induction loops have difficulty detecting the precise position of many commercial vehicles. As a result, barriers can close although a truck or agricultural vehicle with a high overhang is located below the boom. In the case of articulated trucks, the towing bar is often not detected so the barrier comes down between the towing vehicle and the trailer – detaching the barrier boom from its housing.

The vertical laser scanner generates a vertical detection field next to the barrier boom and prevents closure of the boom as long as the object is located within the detection field. This reliably prevents damage to bodywork, the boom or the barrier housing – and people near the barrier cannot be hit by the descending barrier boom.

Use our new equipment and ensure safe passage through your barrier system!