Maceió Airport gets renew thanks to Magnetic's E-Gates

The new Zumbi dos Palmares International Airport in Maceió was inaugurated on 13 July by Aena Brasil, the Brazilian branch of the Spanish airport company.

With renovated spaces and new operational areas, the renovation project includes environmental and safety adaptations, as well as space expansions and improvements through the modernisation of equipments.

“With the inaugurations of the airports in the Northeast that have joined the renovation programme, we are experiencing a great moment," says Santiago Yus, President of Aena Brazil. "We have invested R$1.4 billion in works and another R$500 million in the renovation of equipment and systems. These are investments that increase the operational capacity of all infrastructures and offer more comfortable, safe terminals with a completely renewed commercial range. The result goes beyond the structure: we have already seen a resumption of international flights at these airports, an increase in passenger transit, and significant growth in flights and routes throughout the network.

Passenger comfort and safety

The structure of Maceió Airport has been redesigned to offer greater comfort and security to passengers: from arriving at the airport, to reaching the terminal, to boarding the plane.

A focus on the importance of passenger security led to the choice of Momentum® gates by Magnetic. The pre-security gates regulate passenger access to domestic and international boarding gates. Thanks to the innovative display and light elements, passengers are intuitively guided through the checking and boarding process. The modern design and fast operation make the passage through the gates easy and comfortable, ideal for guiding passengers to the next airport checkpoint.

The structural works also enabled the expansion of the commercial area. Check-in now has 21 gates. Wider inspection channels have been created for both domestic and international flights. Boarding lounges, including those furthest away, have been upgraded. Flight arrival and departure operations are now handled with greater agility and precision.

Zumbi dos Palmares Airport has been upgraded from category 4C to 4E, allowing much larger flight operations and expanding the possibilities for more international connections.