FlowMotion® in use – today: swimming pools

What tasks should pedestrian gates fulfil at a swimming pool? That depends on who one asks: the swimming pool operator and the employees at the entrance want a robust and reliable solution that checks entry tickets and records the number of people entering the facility. The visitors, on the other hand, value a friendly reception and simply want to get into the water or onto the sunbathing lawn as quickly as possible.

The mTripod three-arm turnstile and mSwing swing doors with their new blocking braces are access solutions that convince all involved:

  • The housings made of the 2-component material mDure are immune to dampness, chlorinated water and robust user interactions.
  • The airy blocking elements offer a view of the inside of the pool and, with individual colour schemes, the entrance area becomes the way in to a refreshing bathing world.
  • Visitors are comfortably guided through the access control system: with automatic ticket checking by mTripod turnstiles or with manual opening of the mSwing swing door from reception.

Do you want the pool fun to start at the entrance? Then get in touch with us. Together we will find the optimum access solution for your water world.