FlowMotion® in use – today: company grounds

Reliable registration of persons or secure area demarcation, indoors or outdoors, bright colour accents or understatement – the pedestrian gates in the FlowMotion® series offer you flexible access control with design and functionality that are precisely adapted to the requirements of the deployment location. Today we are showing you this with company grounds as an example.

Access to company grounds and buildings typically involves three types of person: employees, suppliers and registered visitors. The mTripod pedestrian gates in the FlowMotion® series are ideally equipped to effectively section off secure zones:

  • Comprehensive sensor systems directly report attempted forced entry (as well as climbing over or crawling under) to security personnel.
  • Emergency release, pulse counter and random generator are already integrated in the control system as standard.
  • The innovative pedestrian gates also register the presence of employees and visitors outdoors as well as within the building, thanks to their enclosure rating of IP54.

But Magnetic does not merely value functionality: with its slender design and flowing lines the FlowMotion® series cuts an excellent figure in the most varied of surroundings and, with numerous colours and effect finishes, the pedestrian gates can be optimally adapted to the corporate image. Together with the access barriers of Magnetic’s Access series, visitors are already presented with a consistent brand presence at the entrance.

Would you like to secure your company grounds and set the right tone? Then contact us! Together we will find the optimum access solution for your requirements.