5 years for forest and climate

A special collaborative effort goes into its 5th year: Together, the city of Schopfheim and Magnetic are committed to the reforestation of the city forest and the greening of the city centre. This year, the focus is on greening the outdoor pool and the cycle path along the cemetery.

Compensating for CO2 emissions from employees’ air travel – Magnetic approached the city of Schopfheim in 2019 with this request. This has resulted in close cooperation. The Forest District team plans the projects, and Magnetic provides a certain budget for implementation each year.

Part of the budget goes towards reforestation of the Schopfheim city forest. The hot and dry climate of recent years had left gaps, and in some places trees had to be cut down to contain the spread of disease. Together, the city and Magnetic have planted seedlings on over 5.5 hectares, including in Gersbach, the Seehölzle and Rütte districts, on the Entegast and in the Kreuzboden. A mixed forest is now growing here, with species such as Douglas fir, wild service trees, field maple, oak and hornbeam. They are adapted to warm, dry environmental conditions and can also withstand the weather extremes that are expected with climate change. The other part of the project funds will benefit the greening of the urban area. 10 large maples enhance the traffic-calmed Scheffelstraße, and 16 mature willows, cherries and planes provide shade and coolness on the Friedrich-Ebert-Schule campus.

The year 2023 will also be about large trees: A total of 10 trees have been planted at the Schopfheimer outdoor pool, including 6 chestnuts and one sycamore, one beech, one red oak and one willow. They provide additional shade for bathers on the sunbathing lawn and along the Schlierbach. In addition, 6 white and 6 red-flowering chestnuts have been planted along the cycle and footpath at the Fahrnau cemetery. Mayor Dirk Harscher is particularly proud of the entire tree planting project: "Trees are crucial for our quality of life. Their contribution to air purification, temperature regulation and the creation of natural habitats is invaluable. The measure will not only increase the number of trees in our city, but also take into account the diversity of species to create an ecologically balanced environment. This step will not only improve the cityscape, but also make a positive contribution to climate and environmental protection."