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Magnetic stands for high-quality vehicle and pedestrian barriers. With their well-thought-out designs, innovative drive technology and extremely long service lives, our products are way ahead of the competition in quality. And thanks to our experience in control technology we also always focus on user safety – with low forces and sensitive impact detection. This is probably also why systems from Magnetic are particularly often installed wherever safety and dependability matter.


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We are often asked why we are called Magnetic. The answer is simple: the name Magnetic has much to do with our roots. We started in 1946 in Basel in Switzerland as a producer of electric and servo-motors, for which magnets are indispensable. Motors from Magnetic were initially used in sewing machines, washing machines and many other applications. Production also took place in the German subsidiary in the southern Black Forest from 1959. In the mid-1970s we decided to exploit our wide-ranging experience in the development of drives and control systems not merely for components, but for complete systems. This was when we launched our vehicle and pedestrian barriers.

Corporate structure

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We sell our vehicle and pedestrian barriers worldwide. In addition to our headquarters in Schopfheim in the southern Black Forest, we maintain an extensive global competence and sales network with 400 personnel. Production takes place not only in our German parent factory, but also in close proximity to our customers – with our subsidiaries in the USA, Australia, Malaysia, India and Brazil. We have been a member of the FAAC Group since 2012 and profit from the structures of this corporate alliance for automated drives in vehicle and pedestrian management.

Research & Development

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More than 30 personnel at our Development Centre in Schopfheim develop the hardware and software for innovative new products and for customer-specific solutions – always with the aim of designing the best possible product for customers and users. For this reason, compliance with technical and legal regulations plays a decisive role for us. Our own Testing and Standards Department ensures high quality, user safety and conformity with all relevant regulations.