Tyre Killer Big

Heavy duty spikes roadblocker

Tyre Killer Big
  • Composed by heavy duty spikes
  • Electrohydraulically operated
  • Can stop even great trucks at a speed of 80Km/h.

The TYRE KILLER is composed by heavy duty spikes that rise from the ground; it operates like an access control barrier, it prevents the passage of unauthorized vehicles or it allows the exit from a supervised area. It can be installed with other access control elements (for example road blocker or gates) in order to achieve an access control check-point at the highest level of security. Many optionals items are available for TYRE KILLER in order to configure each individual system. Current models are the result of our 65 years’experience in the security field.

TYRE KILLER BIG, electrohydraulically operated, is completed with hydraulic pump in outside housing. It is an effective way to stop even wider vehicles than cars. When closed, the tyre killer is totally hidden in the ground so it allows the drive to all vehicles; when raised, it can stop even great trucks at a speed of 80Km/h. It is typically used for perimeter protection of military bases, embassys, government buildings, airports and some other important public service places, in car parking and a san anti-terrorist measure.