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Do you want to effectively protect your company against trespass and unauthorised access? And do you also want to provide a friendly reception for your employees and visitors? Our pedestrian gates in the FlowMotion® series make access control an integral element of the building, while our turnstiles and vehicle barriers regulate outdoor traffic.


High-quality designs for entrance areas, car park entrances for employees and visitors, truck entrances to handling areas, the securing of company grounds, traffic management in production halls: companies have many different access control requirements. We at Magnetic offer convincing answers. The flowing lines of our pedestrian gates in the FlowMotion® series enable integration in high-quality architectures. The user-friendly operation of the passageway guarantees user acceptance for the systematic registration of access authorisation and attendance. Our barriers stand for long-term cost-efficiency and reliable access control, and are readily adaptable to visitor frequencies and the desired level of security. And with our turnstiles they offer a high level of protection of company grounds against trespassers. Whereby you not only profit from our many years of experience in drive and control technology, but also from the sector competence we have gained in numerous projects worldwide.

A selection of our products for trade and industry


We developed our FlowMotion® series to provide visitors with a friendly reception, reliably guide them into the building, and register attendance and access authorisation in passing. With its rapid opening and closing cycles, mWing – our pedestrian gate with a swing door – is designed for high user volumes. The numerous colours and effect coatings available allow precise adaptation to the corporate design and convert your entrance area into a brand world.

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Access Pro-H

With a barrier width of up to 6.0 metres and optional boom grating and climb-over prevention, the Access Pro-H is the optimum access barrier for protected corporate areas: not only regulating vehicle traffic, but also effectively preventing the unauthorised entry of pedestrians. The modular control system can be communicated with via numerous transmission protocols and, in addition, a radio module and counting module are available for monitoring the quantity of free parking spaces currently available.

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MPT Australian mode Turnstile

The MPT provides high security protection that is vandal and attack resistant. The turnstiles are designed to control pedestrian traffic in perimeter locations outside of or away from principal buildings and can be used for bi-directional access control applications. The MPT allows for a high security passage frequency of 15 to 20 people per minute and 100% duty cycle. Mine ready options - 24volt configuration & IP65 rating - are also available.

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MKA Card Reader Bollards

The MKA Control Pillars are ideally suited to our boom gate and vehicle gate ranges both in dimensions and design. The MKA is available in single height (car) and dual height (truck or car and truck) standard sizes (300mm x 400mm and 200mm x 300mm). Access Control components such as access control units or switches can be installed in the removable aluminium front plate in accordance with customer requirements. The solid RHS steel provides optimum protection for equipment. The pillar is typically coated with RAL 2000 coloured paint as a standard features but other colours are available upon request. You can also choose between two housing versions.

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Vehicle Gates

Magnetic Automation has been part of the Australian perimeter security industry for more than 30 years. We offer locally designed and manufactured cantilever, track, swing, telescopic and bi-fold gates which are constructed from fully welded Australian made RHS steel. Magnetic offers products that are precisely tailored to your application.

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