Public buildings

Do you want to detect the access authorisation of visitors and the attendance of employees in passing? Do you want to control the traffic on your grounds and rapidly guide vehicles to a suitable parking space? Our pedestrian gates in the FlowMotion® series combine clear guidance with high user acceptance, while our vehicle barriers and turnstiles control traffic outdoors.

The systematic registration of employees and visitors is gaining in importance in administrative buildings, cultural institutions and many other public facilities because it enables the automation of processes and increases security on their premises. At the same time, clearly structured guidance and access control makes an important contribution towards orientation within buildings and on the way in.

Magnetic offers you solutions for all access control situations with the pedestrian gates of the FlowMotion® series and the vehicle barriers of the MHTM™ MicroDrive generation. Whereby our systems are not only convincing for their energy-efficient and maintenance-free drive technology, but above all for our many years of experience in planning and implementation in public buildings.

Our product recommendations for public buildings


We developed our FlowMotion® series to provide visitors with a friendly reception, reliably guide them into the building, and register attendance and access authorisation in passing. mWing, our pedestrian gate with a swing door, is designed for high user volumes thanks to its rapid opening and closing cycles. It can be precisely adapted to in-situ conditions with high barrier elements, multiple applications and wide passageways.

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Access Pro

The Access Pro entry barrier is the model of choice for controlling access to visitor and employee parking spaces at public buildings. Thanks to its modular control system, the Access Pro can be communicated with via numerous interfaces, and an optional counting module enables reliable monitoring of the free parking spaces currently available. As a result of its independently selectable opening and closing times, the Access Pro is also approved for use wherever the presence of pedestrians cannot be ruled out for structural reasons.

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MPT Australian mode Turnstile

The MPT provides high security protection that is vandal and attack resistant. The turnstiles are designed to control pedestrian traffic in perimeter locations outside of or away from principal buildings and can be used for bi-directional access control applications. The MPT allows for a high security passage frequency of 15 to 20 people per minute and 100% duty cycle. Mine ready options - 24volt configuration & IP65 rating - are also available.

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